Act like a 5-year-old!
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Act like a 5-year-old! Metropolitan Organization of Museum of Visual Arts Thessaloniki (MOMus), celebrated its 5th anniversary with a playful flashback to the childhood of five incredible and renowned artists, whose work has left an indelible mark on the world of art. These five artists - Liubov Popova, Andy Warhol, Fred Boissonnas, Chryssa, and Alex Mylonas - "turn five" with the help of Artificial Intelligence and "reveal" stories and aspects of their lives on MOMus social media account. Through a burst of creative content, including interactive quizzes delving into the artists' childhoods and visually stunning AI representations, Linear aims to captivate the audience and deliver a powerful message: “EXPRESS yourself freely, CREATE without limits, ACT like a five-year-old!”. Taking the celebration beyond the digital realm, we have also created stickers with the tagline, spreading awareness of MOMus' 5th anniversary.